Door Stripping does its bit for the environment..

Post date: Jul 05, 2010 11:28:57 AM

Strip It are experienced with stripping doors in Birmingham and the surrounding districts for over 40 years.

During that time fashions have ebbed and flowed with first the natural stripped look holding sway, then paint came back with a vengeance and now we move back towards the natural raw wood finish.

What has changed is the public perception towards saving not just the environment but also money and time.

Doors made some times centuries ago used techniques that have been lost for generations, hand made from quality timber by expert craftsmen many are a work of art.

Yet how many times have you passed a skip to see doors extending its size. Not only does this increase the destruction of our worldwide forests but also it decreases the quality and type of door in our homes.

Modern doors are not a patch on those produced decades ago, fast growing timber that weighs less than paper is used and automated techniques to produce the doors have no respect for ensuring longevity of life.

Next time you look at that tired old door, think about when it was made, by whom and by using what materials. Then take a look at some of the example pictures on this site and see the transformation that can occur with a properly stripped door.

Join us by supporting our efforts to secure our environment and recycle something that definitely was made to a better quality than today.

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