Birmingham Doors lost in London

Post date: Jun 19, 2013 8:3:33 AM

The age of the internet certainly has introduced a new degree of competition to business, but who would have thought that operators would operate vans with diverted local numbers to mobiles in a vain attempt to convince customers that the services they were offering were local.

We recently had a client call us who had used a service purporting to be from Birmingham which was anything but, he couldn't track down his doors and they were lost for perpetuity.

The internet search companies website didn't even have any address details on it and when we searched the mobile number we found many replicated sites all throughout the UK.

Your doors are valuable don't trust them with companies who do not have local premises, if you have any problems with the service you can't track them down and the cost of replacing your doors is far more than the limited savings you may make by using these services and the inevitable loss of quality.

Strip It in Birmingham have been established over 30 years, trade from the city centre and you are more than welcome to visit our Aladdin's cave of treasures and see the quality of our work.

Check out the website, make sure they have an address and its not an accommodation address as we also discovered. We have not yet seen anyone that really strips doors from a PO box number!

Companies to check for locality are show an address in Streetly which is a forwarding address and Capital Door Stripping who are we believe in London they use a myriad of domain names see and remarkably similar yet totally different areas yet still the same numbers.

They may sometimes be cheaper, but they have no premises, poor service and you have no recourse for following up if a problem occurs.You get what you pay for !